Is It Good To Run Barefoot?

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We get a lot of folks asking, “Is it better to run barefoot?” Or “can it reduce my risk of a sports injury?” Already, let’s dive into this one. Read more

Shortening the Road to Recovery After an Automobile Injury: Your Chiropractor Can Help

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Car accidents require specialized care in order to quicken the recovery process. Dr. Portugal and team explain the most important steps you should be taking with a car accident chiropractor. Read more.

What Does Vitamin A Do?

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Vitamin A shouldn’t remain a mystery to you. We break down when you’re getting too much (toxic levels), too little (deficiencies) and which food sources provide the best you can get. Read More

Understanding How Chiropractors Work

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The business of being a chiropractor is hands-on and straightforward. Learn what a chiropractor actually does and how it benefits the body. Read more…

What Is Spinal Manipulation, Adjustment & Cracking?

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Words of the day: Spinal Manipulation – Spinal Adjustment – Cracking. Let’s break these down. Read more!

Surgery & What a Chiropractor Does for Sciatica Nerve Pain

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Sciatica and the pain it causes in the legs and entire body can stop you in your tracks. Is surgery necessary and can a chiropractor help with sciatica? Read more!

How to Choose The Right Pillow – Portugal Chiropractic

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A good night sleep sometimes comes down to finding an answer to that ever-important question – How to Choose the Best Pillow? Begin your strong sleeping habits here. Read more…

Take Flexibility Training One Stretch At a Time

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There are important considerations to learn how to increase your flexibility. Stretch it out in the post dedicated to becoming more all-around flexible! — Read more here!